The Skincare Scam


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t need a ridiculously long multi-step skincare routine in order to have the clear, smooth, even-tone complexion you have always desired.⁣

If I watch another reel of someone applying 5+ different products to their skin after they’ve cleansed, I am going to scream.⁣

Seriously, these multi-step skincare routines are not only overly expensive, they are a complete scam⁣.

Dermatologists agree you are increasing your chances of breakouts, irritation and doing irreversible damage to your skin. Layering product on top of product, ingredient on top of ingredient is nothing short of dangerous. In addition, each of these products contains water, necessitating the use of harmful preservatives. Lastly, all of these products tend to have fragrance to mask the smell of the chemicals. While fragrance is listed as one ingredient on packaging, it is actually made up of hundreds of chemicals used to create that smell. ⁣

Please be mindful of what you are really putting on your skin. Every single ingredient has the potential to actually seep into your blood stream and cause problems years down the road. Problems you’ll never think to link to a skincare routine you may have used years prior. 

Stick to the tried and true and remember what your mother always told you when it came to skincare and make-up, “Less is best.”

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