Why Shea Nilotica?

Shea Nilotica: The Superior Shea Butter

I truly cannot praise Shea Butter enough. If you are fortunate to have purchased the real thing and used it consistently, then you know how truly amazing it is. Every home should stock at least one container of Shea Butter, and if you have to choose, I personally suggest Shea Nilotica.

 While all Shea Butter is pure Vitamin A and chock full of other skin and hair-nourishing goodies, Shea Nilotica is superior in my opinion because of its ease of use.

 As I have stated before, Shea Nilotica is extremely soft and has a very mild and sweet smelling aroma. It’s never hardens and best of all, never needs to be melted down or mixed with other ingredients before use. If you’ve used Shea Butter in the past, then you know it can often be quite gritty. This condition is called crystallization and happens when the Shea Butter melts and its various properties cool down at different rates. And while this does not affect the effectiveness of Shea Butter, it does make for a less than pleasurable user experience.

Crystallization rarely happens with Shea Nilotica, making it soft, creamy, smooth, and oh so pleasurable to use. There is nothing like stepping out of the shower and rubbing creamy, smooth Shea Nilotica into your skin, or using it to moisturize, seal, and protect your hair on wash day.

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