Liquid Body Butter

liquid body butter


  • Our expertly handcrafted and safety tested formula, consisting of only three key ingredients, will soothe, heal and moisturize every inch of your body. Whether you are dealing with dry skin or dry hair, our popular Liquid Body Butter is your safe, natural, organic and preservative free solution.


    • Soft Consistency
    • Creamy Texture
    • Light, Pleasant Aroma
    • Highly Moisturizing
    • Extremely Emollient
    • Rapid Absorption
    • Rich in Vitamins A and E
    • Excellent Source of Essential Fatty Acids


    • Evens skin tone
    • Soothes sunburn
    • Alleviates dry, cracked skin
    • Diminishes the look of stretch marks
    • Helps fade minor scars and blemishes
    • Relieves dry, cracked heels and elbows
    • Reduces the appearances of Keratosis Pilaris (Chicken Skin)
    • Moisturizes, softens, and seals dry damaged hair
    • Relieves itching associated with eczema and dermatitis


    • Shea Nilotica is often referred to as "nature's wonder cream." Because it only grows in the rainy, eastern region of Africa, primarily Uganda and the Sudan, it is extremely soft and easy to work with. Shea Nilotica is a pure Vitamin A cream, which is why it has such exceptional skin rejuvenating properties. Unlike Shea Butter grown in Western Africa, Shea Nilotica is always soft and never needs to be melted down or mixed with other ingredients. It is extremely rare, much harder to harvest, and quite expensive. Because of this, Shea Nilotica has become a huge source of counterfeiting, with fakes being sold all over the internet, including reputable sites like Amazon. Please note, pure Nilotica Shea Butter is always soft and does not contain extra fillers or added ingredients like pearl or aloe vera.
    • Royal Jelly is the healing salve fit for a queen. Containing an essential combination of amino acids and complex vitamins, this honey bee produced enzyme has been clinically shown to improve moisture content in both the skin and hair. As a natural humectant, Royal Jelly helps draw in and seal moisture, which aids in the appearance of clear, healthy skin and soft moisturized hair. Alone, Royal Jelly's uses are quite possibly limitless. However, when added to our unique blend of Shea Nilotica and Shea Olein, we have found it to be especially beneficial in protecting dry, sensitive, and chafed skin.
    • While most people are very much aware of Shea Butter, few seem to be as familiar with it’s cousin, Shea Olein. Harvested from the African Karité tree, Shea Olein is known by a number different names, including Shea Nut Oil and Liquid Shea Butter. Like Shea Nilotica, it is extremely rare and highly prized for its high content of Vitamin A and Oleic Acid, both of which have been proven to be extremely beneficial in softening the hair and skin. This versatile and calming oil is often used alone as a moisturizer and hot oil treatment, but can also be mixed with a number of other ingredients, like fragrance and essential oils, for additional therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.