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Mary J. Blige Launches Jewelry Line

Singer Mary J. Blige has just released a new jewelry line titled 'Sister Love.' The 80’s inspired collection is a collaboration between Blige and her longtime friend and jewelry designer Simone I. Smith (LL Cool J Wife).

Sister Love’s signature collection is 'Bam Beauties,' an array of bamboo-style earrings, known as “door knockers,” that became popular on the urban scene during the mid to late 80’s.

In addition to earrings, Sister Love also features rings, necklaces and bracelets that range from $129 to $299.

Mary and Simone originally debuted their line at this year’s Essence Music Fest, where they quickly sold out the entire 'Bam Beauties' collection. “Hoops are just a comfort zone for so many women,” Blige recently told the magazine. “You can dress them up or dress them down. They are a fashion staple every woman should have in her arsenal.”


  • Why don’t you have affordable Jewelry for the black communities? Most people are poor. Can’t really afford these prices. Will you have an affordable jewelry line for low income folks?

    Tiffani Davis
  • They are very nice but do you have real gold clipped on earring’s..

    Michele Smart

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