Bundle & Save 15%

While ‘My Everything Cream’ remains Sheair Butters’ top-selling product this year, my favorite product, 'Liquid Body Butter,' is always only a few sales behind. This glorious oil immediately became a top-seller when introduced back in 2019, selling over 2,000 bottles in it’s first six months of release. In addition to containing the same three ingredients as ‘My Everything Cream,’ ‘Liquid Body Butter’ offers many of the same benefits, and twice the moisture thanks to its high Oleic Acid content. 

Like ‘My Everything Cream,’ our ‘Liquid Body Butter’ is best applied to damp skin that has recently been cleansed and exfoliated with African Black Soap and a Salux Cloth. When these three steps are combined (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize) and repeated daily, you will quickly start to see and feel the results of this routine, which is perfect for getting your skin prepped for the upcoming summer months.

Haven’t yet tried these skincare essentials, well, today is your lucky day. Buy all three and you will get an automatic 15% discount, no code needed.

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