Heal Eczema Naturally

Another downside of my battle with leukemia, is that after extensive rounds of chemo and radiation, I was left with a severe case of eczema that has lasted for years. My doctors originally prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide, but because it is a powerful steroid, I cannot use it every time I have a flare-up. So instead, I use ‘My Everything Cream,’ which contains Nilotica Shea Butter, a natural remedy for mild to moderate cases of eczema.

Pure, unrefined Shea Nilotica, like the kind we use in ‘My Everything Cream,’ is a powerfully moisturizing Vitamin A cream that has been scientifically proven to fight inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations, like tumors.

My own results using Shea Nilotica, in addition to Royal Jelly, and Shea Olein, can be seen below.  On the top is what my thighs looked like before I started using ‘My Everything Cream,’ and on the bottom is how my skin looked after about two months of continued use. Not perfect by any means, but a helluva lot better than how I began. Some of the scars from this condition may never disappear, but at least I can expose my legs again without feeling self-conscious, and for me that is a definite WIN.




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