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Today’s Lippie of the Day is brought to you via Kae by ColourPop Cosmetics. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to this color, but with a light application, the right lighting, and a SnapChat filter, it doesn’t look half bad.
Kae, which I believe has now been renamed Chi, is a collaboration between ColourPop and Karrueche Tran, whom the color was originally named after. It’s a mauve-based beige that probably looks great on the ‘Nails’ actress, but can be a bit iffy I believe on darker skin tones, especially if a lipliner isn’t used.
Still, I decided to wear the color during a recent photo shoot I did for a friend, and I kinda ended up liking it. As I said, lighting makes a huge difference. I doubt Kae by ColourPop will become one of my many go-to nudes, but it did serve me well on this particular day.
What do you guys think?


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You look gorgeous. Glad to see you’re doing well. 🙌🏾


I like it on you. It is a tough color to pull off though. I have it and don’t use it.


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