Battle of the Body Butters


Battle of the Body Butters: Why Our Yellow Body Balm Costs Less Than My Everything Cream

Recently, I had the opportunity to read a review submitted by a longtime customer for our Yellow Body Balm. I decided to use that review as a starting point to explain precisely why Yellow Body Balm is priced lower than My Everything Cream, even though both products contain nearly identical ingredients.

Here is the customer submitted review:
It is extremely thick. Once you apply it, it has NO SHINE. I definitely should have just gotten the "EVERYTHING BUTTER" again (no wonder it is much cheaper). And I'm stuck with it since there is a NO RETURN/REFUND policy.
As you can see, the customer gave our Yellow Body Balm a very low rating because they felt it was not shiny enough, and its lack of shine somehow made it an inferior product and thus responsible for its lower price point.

First, let me start by saying that Yellow Body Balm is composed of over 97% butters and oils. It is inherently greasy, oily, and shiny. However, due to its expertly handcrafted nature, Yellow Body Balm will seamlessly blend into your skin without leaving behind the greasy residue that turns many people off from body butters.

Now, regarding why Yellow Body Balm is more affordable than My Everything Cream, there are several reasons. My Everything Cream is primarily crafted using Nilotica Shea Butter—a rare, extremely soft, nearly odorless, and incredibly expensive ingredient. On the other hand, Yellow Body Balm primarily consists of plain Shea Butter, which is readily sourced, extremely firm, and carries a smoky aroma.

Another reason Yellow Body Balm comes at a lower cost is that many people cannot afford My Everything Cream, and I wanted to provide them with an economical alternative. Regardless of their financial situation, everyone deserves quality skincare that delivers on its promises.

Lastly, if you review the ingredient list of our Yellow Body Balm, you will notice it also includes Nilotica Shea Butter—around 5%, to be precise. I did this because, along with Shea Nut Oil, Nilotica Shea Butter helps soften plain Shea Butter and enhances its spreadability. It also counteracts the rather potent woody scent of plain Shea Butter.

Please be aware that the prices of our butters do not indicate varying levels of quality. All of our butters yield the exact same results. Whether you opt for a liquid form, cream form, or balm form is entirely up to you.

In closing, we believe that skincare should be a delightful experience accessible to all. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering, whether you choose the rich luxury of My Everything Cream or the affordable goodness of Yellow Body Balm. Your skin deserves to feel pampered, nourished, and loved, regardless of the price tag.

Thank you for being a part of our skincare journey. We're here to cater to your unique preferences and ensure that your skincare routine brings a smile to your face every day. So, go ahead and indulge, knowing that with our products, you're embracing a world of self-care that's as diverse as it is uplifting. Here's to happy, healthy skin and the confidence it brings into your life!

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