Lighten Your Underarms

Dark and discolored underarms are usually a problem many people who use deodorants with harsh ingredients like baking soda and aluminum will experience. While baking soda is considered “natural,” it can also be quite drying. And if you didn’t know, dry skin plays a huge role in the development of hyperpigmentation. Therefore, to fight or prevent hyperpigmentation of the underarms, we must first start by using products that are mild and don’t lead to dryness. 

Deodorants and antiperspirant are almost universally needed and used by most people. However, did you know there are alternatives that work just as well as over the counter products made by Secret and Dove? In addition, these products don’t cause dryness and fight already established hyperpigmentation, rather than exacerbate it.  

Below, we will cover two of my very favorite deodorant alternatives. 

Fresh Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is what I personally use as a deodorant and it helped get rid of the extreme underarm darkening that occurred when I ditched mainstream deodorants and started making my own using baking soda and coconut oil. I simply buy seedless lemons and cut one in half and rub it under my arms. That is all, and it works like a charm. I do not wipe the lemon juice off, though some people say they do and it still works- though I cannot attest to this personally. Please note, I only use fresh lemons, never store-bought lemon juice, which usually contain additives. In addition, you can squeeze fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle and keep it refrigerated. Just make sure you use it in about a weeks' time. 




Glycolic Acid: This is another favorite of mine- though I prefer fresh lemon juice because it is 100% all-natural. Nevertheless, Glycolic Acid pads or a Glycolic toner, like those made by The Ordinary, work just as well as lemon juice to fight hyperpigmentation and prevent odor. If you purchase pre-soaked pads, simply apply to underarms and discard pad. If using a toner, apply to cotton pad and do the same. It’s just that simple. 


Both above products and procedures are easy to use and inexpensive.  

FYI: If you are already dealing with dryness and discoloration, try using African Black Soap to start the exfoliation process. Years of using harsh deodorants has led to layers of build-up that has contributed to the darkening of your skin. African Black Soap will start to break down that build-up immediately. 

Good luck and feel free to send in before and after pictures so we can see your progress.



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