Leukemia Diagnosis

Creating 'My Everything Cream'

The journey to creating 'My Everything Cream' began over five years ago when my daughter (Essence, pictured below) was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. After months of chemotherapy and radiation, her skin and scalp were left red, raw, inflamed, and extremely sensitive to most creams- including those prescribed by her doctors. Thankfully, this is where my love of natural products and healing came into play.

 I was already a user of Nilotica Shea Butter, Royal Jelly and Shea Nut Oil. I knew their healing benefits and was given the green-light by doctors to use these non-invasive ingredients as an alternative. While separately, each of these ingredients worked well; for instance, Royal Jelly worked wonders on her bedsores, together, I found they were truly a force to reckon with, especially when mixed properly.

With quite a bit of trial and error, my daughter and I finally came up with a recipe that not only worked on her skin, but her hair and scalp as well. We eventually went on to share this cream with friends, family, and now, we want to share it with you. We call it ‘My Everything Cream’ because it truly can be used for everything. From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, 'My Everything Cream' will soothe and moisturize every precious nook and cranny on your body.


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