Everything Happens for a Reason

Hello, everyone. Just wanted to share a bit of news and encouragement.

As many of you well know, the road to starting Sheair Butters has been a long and arduous one, but after two years of hard work, we finally opened the online store on January 26th. We were open for 11 days, and save for my best friend, we didn't make one sale. I was not discouraged, however, and knew it would take time to build up a name and following.

It was around the second week, when my daughter started promoting "My Everything Cream" on her Facebook page, that things started to take off. Sales started flowing in left and right, and before we knew it, we had sold out our entire stock (300 jars). This wasn't a problem initially, as I make the product myself and readily have all the ingredients on hand, including the main ingredient: Shea Nilotica.

As I went to start making more of "My Everything Cream," I discovered something that sent me into a tailspin. The $800 container of Shea Nilotica I purchased just a month ago from a wholesale supplier, was not the Shea Nilotica I had been using to make my products for almost three years. It looked like Shea Nilotica and smelled a bit like it, but it was gritty. Gritty, I say. Shea Nilotica is many things; smooth, creamy, luxurious- but never gritty.

I know many of you are like "What's the big deal? Just go buy some more." Well, the big deal is, procuring large quantities of QUALITY Shea Butter, much less, Shea Nilotica, is not as easy as you might you think. Shea Butter is a highly counterfeited ingredient. I won't go into all the details, but trust me when I tell you, the majority of the Shea Butter out there comes not from Africa, but China, and is a mixture of many things, least of which is Shea Butter as we know it.

So, finding out my one and only source for large quantities of Shea Nilotica is no longer a viable option, was a huge blow. I saw my newly successful business going up in smoke and had no idea what to do about it. My first response was panic. Sure, I could buy small quantities from my usual supplier, but that wasn't particularly cost effective.

Luckily, I hit up that supplier and discovered he was willing to sell me 5-gallon buckets and for a fraction of the amount I purchased from the wholesale supplier. Yay! Things were looking up. But God, or the Universe as I like to say, was not yet finished with me. Just two days later I was contacted by another supplier, who graciously sent me a very generous sample of their Shea Nilotica, which helped me continue on with my business and fulfill several orders that were backed up.

So, just to recap, I no longer have to depend on one supplier who sold his product at double the cost of other suppliers, and on top of that, I now have not one, but two QUALITY Shea Nilotica suppliers.

The Universe responds to your needs and to your requests.

As I previously wrote here, I believe in writing things down and speaking my destiny. Sheair Butters is my destiny and it is my daughter's legacy. The Universe was not going to allow it to fail. No way, no how.

Providing quality products to my customers is of the utmost importance to me. I could have sent that gritty Shea Nilotica out to my customers and many would not have been the wiser, but I did not. I stand behind "My Everything Cream" because I can stand behind the quality of the ingredients I use. Shea Nilotica is nature's gold; a pure Vitamin A cream chock full of goodness. Royal Jelly is no slouch either. Both are super skin/hair-conditioning and worth their extra expense.

For those of you already using "My Everything Cream," thank you for your support and Happy Moisturizing. For those of you still waiting on your orders, they are on the way and you won't be disappointed.



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