Patience Is Key


"Patience is the key to success." I constantly tell my daughter this as she struggles to regain the life she had before her cancer diagnosis. In addition to the internal changes the myriad of medications she was prescribed had on her body, there are the outward changes, which have been extremely difficult for her to deal with, especially given her young age.

 When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer just two weeks before her 18th birthday, she was a gorgeous young woman- 5’4 and weighing in at a svelte 107 pounds. She was a beauty and there was no shortage of people telling her that every day of her life.

 Fast forward three years and my daughter is still beautiful, but she struggles with the after effects of chemo, radiation, and the dozens of medications she’s been prescribed over the years. Her once thin frame became even thinner- reaching a low of 67 pounds. She eventually regained her strength and her weight went up, but in its wake, she was left with stretch marks so thick they almost look like keloids. In addition, they appear almost everywhere- including her upper arms.

 As you can imagine, for a budding young woman this was devastating- and as her mother, all I could tell her was to be patient and as her body healed, so would the scars. My Everything Cream has been a huge part of her recovery process, but make no mistake about it, that process has taken time. 

A few nights ago, as I sat with my daughter looking through old photos, we came across quite a few from 2016, the year she was released from the hospital. It was a difficult year and honestly, we both hardly recognized that young woman in those photos. Today, in her place, is a vibrant college freshman whose hair is growing back, whose skin looks better than it ever has, and whose weight is hovering around a cool 115. As for the stretch marks, they are still there- always will be, but they have faded over time, enough to where my daughter no longer feels she has to hide her arms. 

Being patient, being consistent, and sticking to only handful of products is what has made all the difference in her healing. If you are struggling with a trauma to your hair, face, or body, maybe not as severe as my daughter’s, you too can come back from it. Pare down your regimen to only a select group of trusted products and then give it time. Too often we start products, don’t see quick results, and then give up. This is not the right thing to do. It’s been clinically shown to take anywhere from three to six months to see even minor changes in skin after starting a new regimen. You must be diligent. Stick with whatever you’re doing. Do not deviate and you will eventually begin to see results if you are using good quality products and ingredients. And FYI, a positive attitude never hurts.


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