Impulse Buy: Ultimate Skin Spa

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System

Okay, me, money and late-night boredom just don’t mix. I’ve known this for years and yet I still ever so often end up buying something in the middle of the night that I would not have ordinarily bought in the light of day and in my right mind. My latest such mini splurge was on the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System.
I’ve never felt the urge to buy any type of gadget for my skin, but singer/actress LaToya Luckett roped me in pretty easily when she promoted the product via her Instagram page a few weeks ago. I originally passed on purchasing the Ultimate Skin Spa system but was eventually won over when LaToya’s coupon code kicked in and took the product from $170 to a measly $50.
Fast forward almost two weeks later and my Skin Spa system has arrived and I have definite feelings about it that I want to share.
First, if you decide to buy the product, do so from Amazon which ships it out in two days. I purchased directly from Vanity Planet’s website and as an online store owner myself, was shocked to see them using the incredibly slow option of FedEx Smart Post as their shipping method of choice. I made my purchase on August 30th and it was originally scheduled to arrive on the September 11th, but thankfully arrived on the 8th. Still, this alone will keep me from shopping directly from their website in the future.
Now, on to the actual product.
The Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing System is worth the $50 it cost me, but not a cent more. It’s pretty enough online and in pictures, but is made of cheap feeling plastic, sounds rickety while it’s spinning, and worst of all, is not waterproof. Had this not been an impulse buy, I would have done a far more thorough investigation of this product before I purchased it.
Because the Ultimate Skin Spa system runs on batteries, and the casing is located on the front of the product, it should absolutely be waterproof, as I see corrosion eventually setting in down the road as water inevitably makes its way inside the compartment. This is an absolute must should I one day decide to upgrade and buy a better system.
Another point of contention for me is the shakiness of the product. Despite putting in new AA batteries, my Ultimate Skin Spa system rotated like it was on its last legs. It didn’t have the strong, powerful rotating action I expected and made quite a few unfortunate sounds. This bothered me so much I went to YouTube to see what other users had to say. A number of them demonstrated the Ultimate Skin Spa system and yep, their device sounded and behaved just as poorly mine did.
On the upside, I do intend to keep the product and will also continue to use it. The Ultimate Skin Spa system actually feels pretty good gliding across my skin, especially when I use the silicone brush attachment. I’ll have to be super careful about keeping the product dry, but that’s the price you pay when making impulse purchases late at night.
FYI, my experience with the Ultimate Skin Spa system has made me look into buying a fancier option. Something that’s rechargeable, waterproof and sturdy. If you guys have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below.
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These devices are overrated and clean no better than a washcloth. A cheap $.99 cloth will exfoliate nicely and has no downside. Skincare is getting too fancy for its own good. Oftentimes the simplest way is the best way.


Clarisonic is just releasing products left and right to try and stay one step ahead of the competition. They definitely aren’t as rock solid and reputable as they used to be.


Your one and only option should be the original Clarisonic. They were the first to market such a product to the product and soon had a hit on their hands. Others quickly rushed to put out copycats with little concern for quality, especially when it came to the bristles. Many of them are made of cheap, scratchy bristles that do more harm than good.


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