Maintain Your Summer Body

Warm weather, skimpy outfits and the prospect of wearing a bikini are often motivators to get in shape for the summer. But what about the fall and winter months when we are mostly covered up? You can maintain your summer body if you follow these simples tips that help you learn the key to weight maintenance.

Tip 1: Don’t cover up. Sure, it may be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear big bulky clothes that hide your figure. Layers of clothing can often hide a weight gain of as little as five pounds. That five pounds can quickly turn into 15 that you never even knew you gained because you were so covered up. So keep warm, but keep it tight as well. Fitted clothes remind us that we have a figure maintain.

Tip2: Watch those comfort foods. When it’s cold outside our bodies crave warm stick to your bones kind of foods. However, eating heavy soups, carbs and meat will lead to substantial weight gain. Instead, try to keep to your summer meal plan. Lots of steamed fish, salads, fruits and vegetables will keep you full, while keeping off the winter weight.

Tip 3: Continue to work out. Cold weather is no excuse to hibernate. Stay social. Instead of meeting the girls at the pool or the beach, take the party to the gym. Better yet, put on a warm sweat suit and go walking or running in the park.

Tip 4: Stay sexually active. Sex is a great workout tool. It gets the heart racing and really activates those endorphins. It’s also a great way to tell if you have gained a few pounds you may not have noticed. If you tire more easily and those leg muscles seem to give out quicker, it may be a sign you have put on a pound or two. So keep the lovemaking going during those winter months. And ladies- stay on top. Riding really works those thigh muscles.

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