Why 'My Everything Cream' is Better Than Store Bought Creams & Lotions

It actually works. While most store bought creams and lotions claim to soften your skin, they do not. They may moisturize temporarily, thanks to the high concentration of water, but longterm, they do nothing except keep you from looking dry and parched. On the other hand, ‘My Everything Cream,’ made with the most potent form of Shea Butter there is, Shea Nilotica, moisturizes all day and over time actually softens and smooths… yes, smooths, your skin. With its high concentration of fatty acids, Shea Nilotica is a powerful Vitamin-A boosted cream that not only combats dryness, but evens skin tone and rebuilds lost collagen. Yes, Nilotica Shea Butter is that good. Add in Royal Jelly and a second boost of moisture via Shea Olein (Liquid Shea Butter), and you’ve got a cream you gotta use to believe.

Shop Sheair Butters today to experience the difference of ‘My Everything Cream.’ Your skin will thank you.



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