All reviews are real, unsolicited, and edited only for grammar and brevity.

"This stuff is so good. So soft. So creamy. And so smooth. I thought it might be hard or sticky because of the royal jelly but it wasn't. I grease my scalp and use it for twist-outs. My hair comes out so shiny and soft."

Cola T.

"I've been using 'My Everything Cream' since it was given to me in the hospital over a year ago. I use it with the Salux bath towel and together they have given me the softest skin I have ever had. I used to use it only on my arms and bumpy elbows, but now I use it everywhere."

Denise R.

"I usually apply this cream straight out of the shower while my skin is still a little bit damp. It soaks in easily without leaving behind a greasy, messy oil slick." 

Stephanie W.

"Love it. A little goes a very long way. I mostly use it for sealing my daughter’s hair on wash day and for staving off  me and  my son’s painful eczema flare-ups."

Yolanda M.

"With repeated use, this butter will soften your hair even better than water and glycerin. It's a lot easier to work with than regular shea butter and much softer."

Alexandria H.

"Didn't know shea butter could be this soft and easy to use. I add essential oils and make my own body butter."

Theresa J.

"I'm still on the 12 ounce container I purchased almost a year ago. Love 'My Everything Cream' so much. Best shea butter cream I've ever used."

Tammy R.

"Great balm. I use it for everything, including oil washing. This is the absolute best way to moisture and cleanse your skin at once."

Jamelia D.

"So happy to find another shea nilotica supplier. The last place I purchased it from ran out and hasn't restocked in months. I was on the fence about the addition of royal jelly and shea olein because I didn't know what they were, but was pleased to see they made the shea nilotica even softer and more creamy. Hope in the future you consider offering both sizes in easy to use squeezable tubes."

Xiamara H.

"Love the fast shipping. Ordered it Friday and it actually arrived on Sunday. Not Monday, Sunday. I didn't even know USPS delivered on Sundays. The packaging was beautiful and yes, I do deserve nice things like the insert says. As for the cream, it is the softest and nicest smelling shea butter I've ever used. Two thumbs up for shea nilotica. I'm praying for your daughter, by the way. God bless."

Tracie C.

"Can’t praise “My Everything Cream” enough. It is extremely soft and has dozens of uses. I make my own deep conditioner by adding a bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, and green tea. Best conditioner you will ever use."  


"Let me tell you that this product is freaking amazing !!!!!! I love it, Essence, love love love it . My skin feels so soft and my eczema is clearing up faster than it ever has in years ! Definitely buying more when I run out."


"Oh my God, Shawna, my daughter said your cream is changing her life! Lmao. She let me feel her skin, and it cleared up some eczema she’s always struggled with, even after seeing a dermatologist. She’s amazed and so, so happy. Thank you. Also, my sister, who I know was half listening when I gave her your cream, called asking where I got it from last night. I’m like 'I told you it’s right in front of the jar.' She said she needs to buy a couple more jars because she’s been putting it all over her body, and loves the results. I’d just been using it on my ends but I’m going to have to try it on my skin too. I just got the other jars to the people I wanted to gift them to, but I’m sure they’ll love it as well. "


"I’ve been super into more natural products lately for my skin, so let me put y’all on. I swear @SheairButters is the best lotion I’ve tried. My skin has been insanely soft since I started using it. 10/10 would recommend."