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‘My Everything Cream’ for Good Hair

‘My Everything Cream,’ which contains Shea Nilotica, Royal Jelly, and Shea Olein (Shea Nut Oil), has been an integral part of my natural hair care routine since I began the journey almost two years ago.  Like many of you, I have worn my hair relaxed for most of my life and was afraid to deal with my natural hair texture, which I knew very little about. Luckily, I’d been using Shea Nilotica on my body for some time, and knew it could be just as beneficial to my hair as it had been to my skin.

About three months after my big chop, I began exclusively using ‘My Everything Cream’ on my newly burgeoning TWA (teenie-weenie afro). It wasn’t until I started seeing growth that I began to really fall in love with the product. My once thin hair was suddenly thick and full and bouncy. Curls I never knew I had started appearing and after about a year, I started noticing a texture change. My hair was softer, easier to manage, and shrank less- especially if I chose to wear braids instead of twists.

Hair that once seemed unmanageable and easily tangled on wash day, is now fully under control and all it took was a bit of water and ‘My Everything Cream.’ As I now approach the two-year anniversary of my transition, ‘My Everything Cream’ continues to be the cornerstone of my hair care routine and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Just look at those juicy twists. And the shine is so phenomenal.

If you are struggling with your hair as I once did, just know that less is more. It doesn't take dozens of products to give you the natural, healthy hair you desire. It only takes one: ‘My Everything Cream.’ Follow up your wash routine with a little bit of this miracle butter and watch as your hair starts to show its true self. You too will eventually see curls and waves you never knew existed. But remember, consistency is key. Nothing happens overnight. Give it time and ‘My Everything Cream’ will bring your hair back to life.

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