I love a good before and after, and nothing showcases the effectiveness of My Everything Cream to diminish the appearance of stretch marks better than these.

Photos taken almost two years apart.

Stretch marks on right hip due to extreme weight loss from cancer treatments.

Photos cropped for modesty, but otherwise all natural and completely amazing. My daughter’s stretch marks, and pressure ulcer, which I cropped out, were severe, and show what we were up against when she started the journey to heal her skin and why ‘My Everything Cream’ has been such a life saver.

Start a skincare recovery routine and stick to it. Don’t keep switching from product to product simply because results are not instantaneous. They never are. It takes time, but with the right product(s) you will see results.


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  • Hi Good afternoon its been 7 years that my son was born i have got stretch marks on my stomach and legs and i would to have some
    cream or gel to fade my stretch marks i’m confident with my body just i cant stop looking at my stretch marks i just want feel good about myself again like before

    jennyfer brito moreno
  • I had no idea you could get stretch marks from losing weight. Do you think your cancer made yours worse because I’ve never, ever seen stretch marks that look so bad?

  • You are so fortunate and blessed. 🙌🏾

  • Thank you, Bettina. I was skeptical about showing these pics at first, but I really wanted to share real results with our everyone. As we said in the article, the stretch marks are still there and will never fully go away, but at least they’re not huge and white anymore. I frolicked around on the beach all summer and felt good about myself. I’ve also found that nude or flesh colored bikinis help the marks blend in even more.

  • The final results are amazing. God bless you.


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