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You’ll never bathe with anything else again. Take soft skin to the next level with our collection of authentic Salux Exfoliating Cloths.

I often pass these out to friends and family members, who inevitably look at me wondering why I’m giving them a bath cloth. Without fail, a couple of days later they always contact me wondering where I got them and how they can procure one for every member of their family.

These extra long nylon cloths ( 11 x 35 ) cleanse, soothe, and exfoliate the skin in ways traditional cotton cloths cannot. Don't think an exfoliating cloth can actually change the texture of your skin? Well order one... or two, and see for yourself.

The Salux Beauty Cloth is an especial game-changer for those of you who suffer from bumpy skin on your elbows, legs and inner thighs. Can also be used to successfully fight hyperpigmentation on your knees and ankles.

Not recommended for use on the face.

Comes in two variations: Mild and Coarse/Super Hard. Both are excellent, though we recommend Coarse/Super Hard for those who have dark knees/elbows/ankles and require vigorous exfoliation.

Please note, despite the terms Coarse/Super Hard, Salux Cloths are suitable for all skin types and are in no way uncomfortable or painful to use.

Winner of the invention prize in Japan for unique patented design. Comes in an assortment of pleasing pastel colors. Light nylon fabric air dries quickly and completely. Machine washable and more sanitary than a loofah. Softer than a loofah, but still textured for exfoliating the entire body. Creates a rich lather while stimulating skin and blood circulation. Great for cellulite massage. Much longer than a normal washcloth, at 35 inches, to reach neck and back with ease. 

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Toshay T.
United States United States
Works good, good!

Perfect for exfoliating. Nothing else compares. Love this cloth !

Christal M.
United States United States
Throw away your poofs, scrubbers and all

Amazing! One use and my skin felt like I went to the spa and paid for a exfoliating treatment. I have an entire spa session in my shower/bathtub. I have the mild one and it’s just the right amount of soft firmness for me. The only place I don’t use it is around my inner thigh as that is a tad bit softer than the rest of my body.

United States United States
No more chicken skin

Along with black soap, this exfoliates my skin and helps keep my KP from flaring up.


I just bought another one after getting the first one free last year when I bought a 16 ounce My Everything Cream. I'm taking this one on vacation. It's life. Never thought I'd bathe with a nylon cloth, but now I get all the hype surrounding these things. They really are amazing and give you the softest skin ever. Also works great on the KP I have on my arms.

It feels so good

My peach Salux saved my marriage, raised my credit score and paid off my student loans. Seriously though, it's the best thing I've purchased for me in years. It feels so good on my skin and it exfoliates like crazy. You don't see any dead skin like some body gloves though. Instead, you just notice your skin feeling softer over time and bumps from shaving going away. I won't shower with anything else now. There is no going back to a nasty bath cloth after using a Salux. The length alone makes it a must have.