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Pamper Your Body with Liquid Gold

If you love Sheair Butters' ‘My Everything Cream,’ then you're sure to be thrilled by our Liquid Body Butter, which is made with the same three impossibly nourishing ingredients. Instead of Shea Nilotica, which is the main ingredient in ‘My Everything Cream,’ we’ve chosen its sister ingredient, Shea Nut Oil, to spotlight in our Liquid Body Butter.


Shea Nut Oil, also known as Shea Olein and Liquid Shea Butter, is obtained from the nut of the African Karité tree. Similar to Shea Nilotica, Shea Nut Oil is expensive, extremely rare and highly prized for its many therapeutic and skin-rejuvenating properties. When added to Shea Nilotica and Royal Jelly, we have found this luxurious oil helps create an extremely smooth base that easily penetrates both the hair and skin.

Just in case you’re wondering what the difference is between our Liquid Body Butter and ‘My Everything Cream,’ know that our Liquid Body Butter is formulated to provide intense moisture, while ‘My Everything Cream’ is formulated to heal. In other words, if you have problem skin, buy ‘My Everything Cream,’ but if you want a body butter that’s easy to apply and leaves you feeling soft, supple, and shining like the mid-day sun, then we suggest our Liquid Body Butter.

Properties: 1. Thick viscosity 2. Rapid absorption 3. Extremely emollient 4. Rich in Vitamins A & E 5. Natural Humectant 6. Anti-inflammatory 7. High concentration of fatty acids 

Benefits: 1. Use in place of lotion 2. Gives skin a natural glow 3. Soothes sunburn 4. Moisturizes dry, chafed skin 5. Conditions naturally kinky, curly and coily hair 6. Moisturizes dry, cracked lips 7. Perfect for oil cleansing 8. Great for hot oil treatments 9. Moisturizes and softens dry nails and cuticles 10. Fades minor scars and blemishes

Contains Shea Nut Oil, Nilotica Shea Butter and Royal Jelly.

For use on face and body, apply a small amount directly after shower while skin is still slightly damp. This method assures maximum absorption, with little to no greasy residue.

For use on wet hair, apply Liquid Body Butter to use as a conditioner, or on dry hair to use as a sealant.

Liquid Body Butter is naturally thick and yellow. However, when temperatures rise above 75-degrees, Liquid Body Butter will melt and become paler in color. Please note, color and texture variations are normal for products that use only natural ingredients.

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