Our Story

Most people are familiar with skin, hair, and beauty products that contain Shea Butter, a fatty substance sourced from the nut of the African Shea tree. At Sheair Butters, the mother-daughter team of Jeneen Jacobs and Tatijana White kicked the power of ordinary Shea Butter up a notch by creating 'My Everything Cream.' They’re goal was – and still is – to create a handcrafted cream that works everywhere you need it, eliminates the necessity for a multitude of products, and makes harsh chemicals and additives a thing of the past.

While Essence successfully battled leukemia in 2015, the treatments had a harmful effect on her skin and hair. Doctors prescribed ointments to treat these side effects – but they, too, led to overly sensitive skin and a whole new range of complications. So, Jeneen and Essence put their heads together and became the dynamic duo and powerhouse partners behind 'My Everything Cream.' The pair started by using Shea Nilotica, an extremely rarefied and prized form of Shea Butter.

Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention was absolutely right! When they combined Shea Nilotica with Royal Jelly and Shea Olein, something amazing happened! Precision blending created a cream that helps rebuild collagen, banish dryness and rejuvenate every part of your body. 'My Everything Cream' is created using only these three ingredients in precise combination. Sheair Butters does not use additives, preservatives, or chemical compounds that cloud its goodness. Instead, they rely on the power nature gives these three ingredients to work their magic.

Order 'My Everything Cream' today and you’ll fall in love with the potent mixture of love and nature. 'My Everything Cream' is the ideal, all-in-one solution for your hair, face, and body because it produces beautiful, healthy, glowing results. Three pure ingredients. Two powerful women. One cream for everything. 


 Tatijana White -  Owner